Sunday, June 1

Olive Kate Powell - Furry Addition

Well, we finally decided to get another puppy, so please welcome, Olive Kate Powell :)!  She is fun and feisty little girl and we love giving her cuddles and playing outside with her.  She loves her stuffed monkey toy and hates a rubber ball toy with feet right now.  Fun times with puppies!

Wednesday, April 23

Boys & Bluebonnets | 2014

Last night, the boys and I trekked over to a recommended bluebonnet field, since there were not any that bloomed around our area.  They did great, considering we had just one melt down and cry session, since I tried to cut our visit short due to not listening.  I know, I know... I'm mean, but hey.  They were promised a whole chocolate Easter bunny to eat in the car after AND candy in between for good pictures.

I let them help with the poses which helped.  Brennan was full of squinty smiles, which I actually love on him and Ashton could not get his hand out from under his chin!  Drove me nuts, but I was able to get a couple without it.

Since they did well after that, we went to Mickey D's, at the boys' request.  I was so proud when the boys decided to share a dipped cone instead of eat a whole chocolate bunny each, whew!  Dodged a bullet there.  They really enjoyed playing at the play place the most.  Though it made for a late night for us, all in all it turned out pretty well!  Glad we got to "catch" the bluebonnets this season.

Wednesday, March 5

Snow Day - Tent Fun: Phoneography

While the boys napped yesterday, I decided to put together a tent for some afternoon fun.  I can say that they weren't as excited as I hope they'd be, but they ended up playing in it for a bit.  

Ashton was still sleepy, so he used it as a little rest area.

Monday, March 3

Snow Day - Baking with the Littles: Phoneography

We have been lucky to have a few snow days this winter.  I can't remember having this many in a season, but I think it's the 4th or 5th day.  My boys enjoy baking, so I out them to work.

I found a recipe for a giant oatmeal cookie and got the "OK" from the boys.  They were amazed by the size of it.  

Ashton's first thought was that he could "NEVER eat a cookie that big," so he decided that we should divide it into four equal parts, one for each member of our family.  I am proud of his independent thinking, thoughts of sharing and using his math skills.

This "project" took about an hour of our morning and was well worth it.  We were all happy, occupied and working as a team.

Evening at the Park with Brennan - Phoneography

Wow - I went a whole year without blogging!!! To kick off 2014, I'm posting some Phoneography posts, with just photos in my camera roll, and will catch up when I can on other events.

Brennan and I took advantage of the 75 degree weather Saturday evening before grocery shopping, since, crazily, Sunday was predicted to be freezing and icy.  It definitely did turn out just as predicted and we got a day off from school on Monday.  I will be posting a bit from our day in my next post.

If you are wondering, I took and edited all of these pictures using my new favorite camera app, VSCOcam.  There are some neat filters and you have an option of buying additional filters from $0.99 - $5.99.  

Thursday, March 21

A Visit to Meme's

Meme's house is a favorite place for both of the boys.  There is never a dull moment with the toys, motorized car and friendly neighbor dogs that like to give kisses.

Saturday, February 2

First Gingerbread House 2012

 This year, I decided to not only take on decorating and assembling a gingerbread house for Christmas, but also to bake one from scratch.  I have all of the pictures of each step, and I'll probably have a post on that later.  It did take me all day to get all of the pieces baked and ready for the decorating.  Ashton and I spent 2.5 hours decorating while Brennan slept!  My guess is that Brennan wouldn't be that interested anyway, as most things crafty, he is not into.  We had such a great time mixing the icings and decorating each piece.  Ashton was in a silly mood so I had to capture his cute little faces :).  I'm happy with the final product, but will stick to the pre-made pieces for next year, so we can just focus on the decorating.