Wednesday, April 23

Boys & Bluebonnets | 2014

Last night, the boys and I trekked over to a recommended bluebonnet field, since there were not any that bloomed around our area.  They did great, considering we had just one melt down and cry session, since I tried to cut our visit short due to not listening.  I know, I know... I'm mean, but hey.  They were promised a whole chocolate Easter bunny to eat in the car after AND candy in between for good pictures.

I let them help with the poses which helped.  Brennan was full of squinty smiles, which I actually love on him and Ashton could not get his hand out from under his chin!  Drove me nuts, but I was able to get a couple without it.

Since they did well after that, we went to Mickey D's, at the boys' request.  I was so proud when the boys decided to share a dipped cone instead of eat a whole chocolate bunny each, whew!  Dodged a bullet there.  They really enjoyed playing at the play place the most.  Though it made for a late night for us, all in all it turned out pretty well!  Glad we got to "catch" the bluebonnets this season.

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Rachel said...

I love how these turned cute!