Saturday, February 2

First Gingerbread House 2012

 This year, I decided to not only take on decorating and assembling a gingerbread house for Christmas, but also to bake one from scratch.  I have all of the pictures of each step, and I'll probably have a post on that later.  It did take me all day to get all of the pieces baked and ready for the decorating.  Ashton and I spent 2.5 hours decorating while Brennan slept!  My guess is that Brennan wouldn't be that interested anyway, as most things crafty, he is not into.  We had such a great time mixing the icings and decorating each piece.  Ashton was in a silly mood so I had to capture his cute little faces :).  I'm happy with the final product, but will stick to the pre-made pieces for next year, so we can just focus on the decorating.


Rachel said...

I love the cereal on the colorful! Great idea. And you are a rock star for making the house yourself!!!

Mommy said...

Turned out really nice and it's great that Ashton enjoyed it!