Monday, March 3

Snow Day - Baking with the Littles: Phoneography

We have been lucky to have a few snow days this winter.  I can't remember having this many in a season, but I think it's the 4th or 5th day.  My boys enjoy baking, so I out them to work.

I found a recipe for a giant oatmeal cookie and got the "OK" from the boys.  They were amazed by the size of it.  

Ashton's first thought was that he could "NEVER eat a cookie that big," so he decided that we should divide it into four equal parts, one for each member of our family.  I am proud of his independent thinking, thoughts of sharing and using his math skills.

This "project" took about an hour of our morning and was well worth it.  We were all happy, occupied and working as a team.

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Unknown said...

So Sweet! Nanna loves her boys!