Sunday, December 9

2012 Trunk or Treat

Our church hosts a "Trunk or Treat" festival each year and Ashton was overly excited to go.  Unfortunately Brennan was sick, so Dustin stayed behind with him and Ashton and I were able to have fun together.  While I think Ashton had a good time while we were there, he was a bit shy and overwhelmed.  He was pumped walking to the Trunk or Treat parking lot and then when we rounded the corner and he saw everything, he just kind of froze.  I had to coax him into the line to get candy at the trunks and he was quiet and didn't say anything.  I should have thought of the lovely idea from my friend, Rachel, that if he didn't say Thank You that he wouldn't get any candy.  Oh well!  As we got further along, he started to warm up and was excited to see his friends Ethan and Blake.  Before we left, Ashton had a bucket full of candy, was able to try some S'mores, which he loved, and got to see his good buddies.  We even watched everyone dancing to the Monster Mash.  Ashton just watched... which is his style.  No participation, but he does pay attention!  In the last picture, Ashton was swishing little Harper's tail (Nemo costume) in front of him, and she would turn around each time.  I didn't even notice until her mom came over to me and pointed it out.  It was pretty cute, as Ashton was having fun, but Harper wasn't quite sure what to think of it, haha.  Soon after, he requested that we go home because he missed Brennan and Daddy, which I thought was sweet :).  He even offered to share some of his candy with Brennan, awww.

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