Saturday, December 8

2012 Halloween Party - Preschool

So... I know it's December, but it's still technically fall, right (still before December 21)?  I'm finally wrapping up my Halloween postings, ha!  Just one more on trick-or-treating and that will be that!  Ashton and Brennan both had a great time at Ashton's preschool Halloween party.  There were yummy cookies and snacks, a fun Dracula song, and Ms. Kristin read a neat Halloween story to us all.  Then the kiddos had a little parade for their siblings and parents, followed by a Halloween craft and song & dance time.  Brennan loved joining in on the fun and I was able to snap some pictures to capture the party.  Ashton's favorite buddy is Noah (Power Ranger).

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Rachel said...

Looks like a fun party! Love your pics! I just recently finished my Halloween posts too! Ha!