Friday, February 17

Imagine It! Children's Museum {Atlanta, GA}

Warning, this is a huge picture share!  Ashton and I were able to visit the Imagine It! Children's Museum in downtown Atlanta several weeks ago and had a blast.  This place had so much fun packed into one place.  From, painting, to digging in sand, to fishing and shopping in a grocery store, this place is the perfect child's play place.  We were lucky that it wasn't too crowded with kiddos and we got there right as it opened.  That is a surprise for us, lol!  Ashton really loved the painting and digging in the sand.  They had small shaped pans, to pack the sand and small rakes, shovels and plates.  We got there at 10am and didn't leave until around 1pm, because this place was so cool.  Ashton also kept saying that he wasn't hungry, so we had a very late lunch and nap after.  If you're ever in Atlanta with your little ones, this is the place to go!

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Rachel said...

That is the coolest place! How fun!