Friday, February 17

Fernbank Museum of Natural History {Atlanta, GA}

Well, this is far overdue, but I made it on here before my Christmas postings, haha!  Fernbank Museum is the last place we visited in Atlanta at the end of January.  This place was really neat, but everyone who told us about it boasted of the dinosaurs.  The only dinosaurs we saw, are the ones pictured.  Sculptures on the outside and skeleton's on the inside, which was very neat, but I was expecting more of an exhibit.  We visited the actual science portion of the museum, where there was a simulation of a tornado, carved out stations in the wall on either side of the room, where you could have a conversation without shouting, and the others pictured below (electricity, and sound pipes), among many others of which Ashton wasn't to interested.  We also saw many animals that were local to the area that had been stuffed and displayed throughout the floors of the museum.  His favorite part though was the nature play place.  There was a whole undersea area, where you could be the captain of a ship, put together a sea animal puzzle and other interactive videos throughout.  The river area had a canoe, a rabbit hole, and an alligator.  I was impressed with the simulated river throughout the play place.  On top of the drawing and textured floor where the river bed was drawn, there were lights and what I guess to have been video projections that made shadows of fish swimming around!  The best part was when you stepped in the river, it would actually ripple up and the fish would scatter.  So cool!  We spent several hours there, killing time, waiting to pick up Dustin from his work meeting so we could head out of town.  This is a huge picture here goes!

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