Sunday, January 9

Out of Commission

I'm sad to say that my new Canon Mark II 5D is being shipped to the Canon repair store.  Dustin bought it for my birthday in July last year, so it should have had a long life.  I cannot pin down what happened to it, other than I was using it one day to take pictures at my grandparents' house in Coleman, and the next day it was taking black pictures.  I tried to troubleshoot it with no luck, just to make sure my settings were correct, that it wasn't the flash card, or that it wasn't the particular lens I was using.

Pictures have been my safety net for blogging.  As you notice, most of my blogs contain pictures, so without my camera I won't be posting new pictures anytime soon or any good ones of the beautiful snow we had this morning.  I'm kicking myself for not having purchased another point and shoot camera when I lost my old one AND for selling my Canon Rebel that I originally thought would act as my backup camera.  I will have to resort to my iPhone camera that is definitely less than par, but it will have to do to capture any moments with our family right now.
Hopefully the new camera will br repaired and returned by Ashton's birthday in mid-February.  If so, that will be the first new picture blog that I will post.  In the mean time, I will have to think of some blog worthy things to talk about... I'm not the typical conversation starter, haha!  Or I'm sure I have some pictures to blog about pre-camera breakdown.


Anonymous said...

Bummer! That's so weird...but I'm sure it will come back in tip top shape!

Lena said...

Man, do you have any type of licensing or paper showing it's vital to your business? If so, they can expedite it.

Christina said...

@Lena - Once Canon received the package, it was fixed and returned within two days, thank goodness! There was a bit of a scare that UPS didn't have the package though. We dropped it off on the 10th and by the 12th there was still no tracking info on UPS' site. Finally, the delivery person scanned it on the 15th and it was finally delivered to Canon on the 18th. WHEW!