Monday, December 27

Christmas Celebrations 2010

This year was a bitter-sweet Christmas for us.  On December 18, we raced to be with Dustin's Mema as she spent her final hours surrounded by family.  We had already planned on visiting Denison to celebrate Christmas with Dustin's extended family, however, it did not go as planned.  Everyone is very sad, but knows that it was better that her suffering end.  Jarvis (Mema) had been under hospice care for about a month, so we knew it was close to the end.  The funeral was just a few days after she passed and was beautiful.  She will be sorely missed in our family.  We love you Mema!

On a much lighter note, we officially celebrated three different Christmases; one with Dustin's family, at his sister Courtney's house in Pottsboro, one with my family, at my parents' house in Longview and then we had a simple celebration at our house before we left for Longview.  Ashton and I baked some peanut butter - chocolate chip cookies to bring to each house (Courtney's and my parents') and also a few for Santa.  Both celebrations were full of food, good company and of course, many, many gifts!  One of the high points at Dustin's family celebration was that we found out that Ashton will have a new baby cousin sometime in August 2011 (see the "1, 2, 3 girls" photo.  We are so excited for Dustin's brother Brandon, his wife, Adrienne and kiddos, Paislee & Preslee.  Love 'em!


Unknown said...

My mom got that apple toy for Ethan a couple of months ago and he LOVES it...I really cannot say how much he loves it. He takes it in the car with him and it really entertains him on the road for a long time. Hope Ashton likes it too!

Christina said...

Ashton seems to like that apple toy quite a bit. I will have to remember to take it in the car with us too!