Monday, May 12

I never...Thoughts on Being a New Mom

1. I never thought I could live on so little sleep!

2. I never thought I could get everything organized like I need it, but am finding that I'm more efficient and organized than I thought.

3. I never thought that I could love another person in the way that I love my son.

4. I never thought I would lose half the pregnancy wait in such a short time! (yay - only half mind you!)

5. I never thought nursing would be so challenging yet pleasing at the same time.

6. I never thought going back to work would be so hard.

7. I never thought a cute little grin would evoke such a pleasurable emotion.

I know I will have tons to add to the list as time progresses, but overall I love being a new mom and all the challenges that it has brought thus far. I can't wait to see what happens next and to see little Ashton continue to grow. He's so loveable (yes I've become a braggart, hahaha!) and is the cutest thing! Here are a few recent pics of the little guy. He's gotten so big and he's three months old today :).

I like to talk to Papa Dan!
I'm content in Great Grandma's arms.


Stephanie said...

What a cutie! Isn't being a mom great! Besides being married to Chris, having Caleb is the greatest thing in the world! And it just keeps getting better! :)

Lynn Leaming said...

wow! How can Ashton already by 3 months old? I can't imagine how hard it would be to have to leave him and go back to work. May the Lord bless you with peace about that and give you energy to redeem the time at the end of each day.

Lena said...

YOU'RE A MOMMA!! So weird, so exciting!