Tuesday, April 1

Easter 2008

OK - so I've been AWOL for a while now!  I'm enjoying being at home to play and care for Ashton and I can't believe that I only have four weeks left.  We've been out to eat several times and things have gone well - except for when we visited my work.  Man - Ashton would not stop crying!  I was a little embarrassed, but I got over it.  I may try bringing him again so they can see his better side :)!  Today he is 7 weeks, but here is a picture of him at Easter.


Lynn Leaming said...

Love his green and white. Just adorable in the hat!

Caroline Kaufman said...

oh girl! don't get embarrassed yet... wait till they can talk and start telling all of your "family secrets" anyone who has ever had a baby can empahtize and knows that one tearful visit is nothing to worry about.