Monday, January 28

Much Better!

Whew - it's great to have such a wonderful support system in place in times of need. Early Sunday morning around 430am, Dustin and I were hit unexpectedly (We were fine all day and night Saturday) with a horrible virus that prevented us from keeping any liquids down or in our system and left us very weak. Luckily Dustin's mom (Sandy) and sister (Courtney) were able to come from Denison to help us out!

We were being precautious, but decided after speaking with the on call doctor, that I should go to the hospital to make sure everything was ok with the baby. Sandy and Courtney stayed with me at the hospital, while they hooked both Ashton and me up to heart monitors and put me on an IV to give me some much needed fluids. It turned out that everything was just fine for Ashton and he showed no signs of distress. My heart rate was a bit high, but that's normal when you are sick. I did have a few contractions while at the hospital, but they were probably caused by the IV and I didn't really feel them. We asked if they would be able to check and see if I was dilated anymore from last Thursday, but they said that they would only check if I was having more frequent contractions, bummer! After about 5 hours (at 8pm Sunday) I was finally home and feeling much better. The doctor prescribed some meds for the nausea and Dustin found them to be very helpful as well - bonus!

Today we are staying at home to rest and recoop, but should be up and going by tomorrow. It was a little bit of a scare, but God helped us through it!


Unknown said...

I'm so glad that you guys are on your way to recovery. I hate those nasty bugs! Glad Ashton is ok too!

Lynn Leaming said...

Sure hope you are both feeling much better!!

Lena said...

Aaw, I had no idea!