Tuesday, September 11

First Post

Oh my goodness! I'm so slow at this! Just adding a picture took a mile of my time, since I had to keep shrinking the picture and even then, from what I can see it looks grainy and still doesn't fit the profile format. Oh well! It'll have to do for now, since I figure I need to get at least one post to keep up with all of my serious blogging friends.

Today was a BUSY day at work - no lunch break - mind you I DID have plenty to eat. A pregnant lady NEVER leaves the house without plenty of snacks! Well - I know it's lame, but I'm tired and want to go to bed!

1 comment:

Caroline Kaufman said...

girl it is not lame SLEEP NOW!!! or forever be sleepy! cause once your sweet boy arrives the sleeping will cease! you will love him so much it will not matter that you never get to sleep again...but if you are anything like my you will fanticize about yours days before children when you could sleep in on saturday morning....