Thursday, September 13

Baby Sono

Today we went in for the "sex" sono :). Ashton is still a boy, hahaha! We were pretty confident, but wanted to confirm for sure. So now we know what to shop for. It is the most amazing thing to see this mini human moving around inside my belly. We got some really cool shots, but my favorite is this one. It was so funny to see this little arm and hand giving a thumbs up!

Having a sonogram each time just makes my day, because even though I can't feel anything yet (even though a lot of women have felt something by 19 weeks) it's incredible to see this life forming inside of me. Dustin and I are amazed to say the least.


Caroline Kaufman said...

he is a cool kid already! giving the thumbs up now you will have to teach him to make the gata diamond and of course the wildcat!

Unknown said...

I love this picture of the thumb's up! You should feel movement soon- so hang in there. It will be incredible. We missed you at life group tonight. Hope all is well!