Friday, February 1

2012 North Pole Express

This is the first of many post from our holiday events.  We visited the North Pole Express this year with the boys in Grapevine, TX.  The boys were super excited before we left and loved wearing their matching PJs.  I was excited that my college roommate, Jennifer (aka Aunt Jenny), was able to come with us and the boys were happy to have her there as well.  Overall experience was enjoyable, but I was a little let down, though I won't go into details because it was nothing major.  In the forest prior to boarding the train, the snow blowing down from the snow machines was not received well by Ashton.  He steered clear of them, while Brennan was curious, but not overly excited.  The boys enjoyed the visits from Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus during our train ride.  Also, the bells were a hit and there was a chorus of jingling bells for the remainder of the ride.  Ashton was so excited about the hot cocoa and happily turned in his voucher for a cup after exiting the train.  After the hot cocoa, we took a quick trip to visit Santa and by that time it was time for dinner.  The boys were exhausted on the way home, which made for a peaceful night!