Tuesday, December 18

Trick-Or-Treating 2012

The boys had a great time running around the neighborhood to Trick-Or-Treat this year.  Brennan stayed in the wagon between houses, but after the first house, Ashton wanted to walk.  He remembered how much fun it was last year, so he felt like a pro!  At many houses, Ashton had conversations with the people giving candy.  He was especially proud of his costume, Super Why the Super Reader, so that was mainly the topic of conversation.  Ashton also had questions about the dog in the picture at one of the homes.  Brennan was pretty choosy on his selection of candy, so it was cute, but took a little bit to get him going to the next house.  Nanna (my mom) was able to come with us which was nice and the boys enjoyed her being there.  By the end of the night, Ashton was anxious to get back to the house to hand out candy.  We got home pretty late (for Trick-Or-Treating) at around 8:00 pm, so we didn't have many "customers."  That's ok though, because it allowed us to be able to donate all 8lbs(!!!) of our candy to the troops through Operation Gratitude, even after the boys had enjoyed much of their candy and Brennan ate is "uckoos" (suckers).  The boys' dentist office had a candy drive and paid $1 per pound of candy donated.  Each of the boys got $1 each from the donation money and we returned the rest to pay for shipping.  Ashton especially liked drawing pictures for the soldiers that went along with sending the candy.  I wish I would've gotten a picture of it, as it was so cute.  It just didn't even cross my mind.  We will probably do this again next year.  All in all, the boys had a great time and still talk about Halloween on a daily basis.

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Mommy said...

So glad I got to go! Fun!