Wednesday, January 25

Fun at the Georgia Aquarium {Atlanta, GA} BIG Picture Share

The first outing that Ashton and I planned was to go to the world acclaimed, Georgia Aquarium.  It definitely was an experience.  We attended a dolphin show when we arrived at noon and then watched a short 3D movie, very similar to Finding Nemo (similar names and looks of characters), that focused on recycling and taking care of the environment.  Unfortunately, I wasn't permitted to take pictures during the dolphin show, since that was Ashton's favorite part!  I did sneak a picture of Ashton, as you'll see, watching the 3D video, though, shhhh ;)!  I think I was more impressed with the rest of the aquarium, but they had a whole cafe, many mini gift shops and a huge play area.  Ashton wasn't interested in the play area either... bummer!  BUT, there were kid's walkway tunnels in each area that Ashton loved to run through.  All in all our 2.5 hours there was pretty fun and I would go again for sure!

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Rachel said...

Very fun! And I LOVE the photos. Great work taking "tank" photos!