Monday, January 23

Adventures in the "O" tel {Jackson, MS}

SO...we decided to take a VERY last minute road trip to Atlanta, GA with Dustin!  Dustin is attending a training course for work and this is the first time in the year and a half that I've stayed home with the boys to just "up and go."  We were very excited!  Brennan is staying with my parents and having a blast, from all of the texts, pictures and videos that my mom has sent to us (THANK YOU!!!).  Ashton has had a bit of fun himself.  He absolutely LOVES the staying in hotels, or as he says "o-tels."  I think it's so funny that Ashton is so enthralled in the telephones in the rooms, but then again, we don't have one at our house, because we just use our cell phones.  The first photos are at the beginning of our trip and then the rest are at the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Jackston, MS around 11pm when we finally arrived.  Unfortunately, all we were able to do was sleep in Jackson... maybe another time we can do something more with our time there.


Rachel said...

I love these photos! It's so fun to see things like a hotel room or a phone through your kids eyes. What a fun trip!

Lindsay said...

Sweet!!! Glad you can just get up and go now. So great to spend time together as a family. And have family take care of the littlest one. :) So funny how wall phones are like something from the 1800s now! Ha Ha. Love it!