Wednesday, June 1

Brennan {7 Months}

Well, I'm not AS behind as my 6 month post, but still a week behind this time!  Brennan turned 7 months old on May 25 and actually had to go to the doctor's office due to a case of roseola.  There really isn't anything the doctor could've done, since it is a virus, I just wanted confirmation of what I thought to be roseola.  After running a high fever (between 101-103.8) for two days prior, he was fever free actually at the doctor's office, haha!

Brennan was rocking on hands and knees and still wobbly sitting up just shy of 7 months and now is scooting/crawling (without face planting into the ground!) and getting into sitting position all by himself!  I can't believe how determined he is to crawl to reach whatever he has his eyes on.  His persistence amazes me, as he hardly ever gives up!  This little boy is on the move!

He is also very curious about anything in front of him and of course wants to grab and "taste test" everything :).  Puffs are easy to touch and pick up, but making it to the mouth is the hard part for him right now.  Big brother, Ashton, is still almost the most interesting person to watch and listen to.  It's cute to see him stop anything he's doing when Ashton is talking or walking by.

Brennan's current "loves" are bathing and swimming, or anything to do with water, crawling, sucking his thumb, Mommy's Fe Fi Fiddly Ey Oh song, Ashton, Puffs and Mum-mum rusks.

This was Brennan's first time in the grass.  You can tell that he didn't look up from the camera (except for the first picture), no matter how silly Mommy was... he was so curious!  The last shot melts my heart...he LOVES his Daddy... AND his thumb!

{Weight} 16lbs, 8oz
{Length} 26 inches


Unknown said...

Sweet boy! Can't believe he's already 7 months old!

Lindsay said...

Very sweet pictures. I really love the first one and the last one...Sweet sweet boy.

Meggan said...

Thumb sucking is the cutest thing EVER! My little guy (almost 7 months) sucks his with his left hand:)