Sunday, February 13

Snow Fun 2011

During our recent ice and snow storms we managed to get out of the house one time.  It began and ended with crying.  In the first picture, Ashton had just slipped and fallen in the snow.  During his sobbing he managed to get out, "I don't like the snow... it's slippery."  Aw, poor little thing.  We both wanted him to have a good experience, so Dustin came up with the idea to pull Ashton around in a large plastic tub (one of the many that we used in the move).  It was a HIT!  He had so much fun and kept saying, "WHOA WHOA WHOA!" as Dustin ran down our driveway and through our street.  There were a few other kiddos outdoors playing this day, too.  As I mentioned before, our outdoor playtime did also end with tears, when the plastic tub took to sharp of a turn and Ashton toppled out of it.  Maybe next year, when he's a bit more agile, and if it snows again, we can make it a fun experience with NO tears.  That's the goal!  Oh, and Brennan was out in it for two seconds, before I freaked out and put him in his swing inside.  We didn't really have any clothes that warm, except for a really cute hat from his Aunt Courtney (Ashton's hat is from Aunt Courtney, too!) and between Dustin pulling Ashton in the tub (I gave it a go once) and me taking photos, "poor" Brennan was left in the nice warm house, haha!

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