Sunday, February 27

Brennan {4 Months}

Well, I can't believe how quickly time is flying, once again, with Mr. Brennan.  He is an intense little guy, with HUGE grins and giggles when he's happy and he lets you know when he's not happy!  He has learned how to roll from belly to back, but nothing has motivated him to move from back to belly just yet.  He's very good at tummy time and will stay on his belly for most of the time, rather than rolling right over when he's on his tummy.  We just started rice cereal and he seems to like it very well!  Pretty, colorful toys capture his attention, as well as, well... ME :).  He is a total "Momma's Boy," but of course, loves his Daddy and Big Brother also.  They are greeted with bright smiles, also.  We love you so much little man!

{Adjusted Age} 13 weeks (I'm dropping this next month)
{Weight} 13lbs 9oz
{Length} 24.25 inches

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