Thursday, February 17

The Boy is 3!

Our firstborn is officially 3 years old!  Ashton is such a joy to our family.  He says the cutest things like, "Mommy, Mommy...let me ast you a twestion...Otay?" followed by something random, not phrased as a question, usually pertaining to his favorite characters: The Chipmunks, Super Why or Toy Story.  He just started this today actually and it cracked me up all day long.

Our big boy loves to sing songs at the top of his lungs and they are usually songs that we sing to him at nap time and bed time.  If Brennan ever starts crying, Ashton is the first to rush over there and hold his hand (a little too tightly sometimes) and let me know that "Brennan's tryin, Mommy."  We haven't quite mastered the "c" and "g"  sounds yet, so they are still "t" and "d" sounds.

As I mentioned before, Ashton's favorite characters and movies/shows are definitely Alvin and the Chipmunks, Super Why and Toy Story.  When playing with his toys at the house these days, it's a rarity for him to be playing with anything other than these characters.  Just this morning, he was playing with Super Why and Alpha Pig (Super Why Character) and making them sleep in his bottom dresser drawer...random, I know!  He spends lots of time setting up all of his Toy Story characters, especially his new Woody, Slinky Dog and Mr. Potato Head, otherwise known as "Sweet Potato."  He likes to carry Woody around on his back (around his neck really) and also takes Woody into the kitchen to watch us cook and eat.  I thought he was out of his coloring stage, but since he has Toy Story coloring books and pages now, he's coloring up a storm.

Ashton has been able to make a few new friends just recently, since I joined a "Mommy group" in the area, so that has been fun.  He is definitely shy around the new kiddos, but has been talking non-stop about seeing "everybody" at someone else's house for a party.  It's been a little hard for him to grasp that his birthday is over until next year and he gets upset if I try to explain that not everyday is his birthday.

We just enrolled Ashton in Jr. T-ball in Plano, so he is excited to get that started.  The games will actually be in the summer, so we are looking forward to it!  He has said that "Baseball is [his] favorite."  We also have enrolled him in pre-school for the fall and spring semesters at an in home pre-school.  We went to visit and see the place and he had a great time there with Ms. Kristen.  I'm excited to see him with his little back pack and lunch kit (courtesy of Nanna) every Tuesday and Thursday.  I know that he misses a group setting for learning, because he does love to learn.  Ashton picks up on things very quickly, so I'm ready to see him progress in his learning.  Picking out books to read at nap time and bedtime is fun for him and he has started "reading" a few to us, which is the cutest thing!

Ashton is also in a bit of a defiant stage though, where he is saying "No, YOU do it" with a stern face, if we tell him something that he needs to do.  While this is frustrating at the time, these episodes don't last long and he after a few tears and sometimes the "hot seat," he gives in to what we have told him to do.

I love his sweet hugs and kisses.  I love how he likes to sit next to me on the couch with his arm around my neck and say, "Hi Mommy...whatchya doin'?"  Or if he really loves something, he'll say excitedly, but slowly, "It's BEAUTIFUL!"  I cracked up the first times he said it and then realized it's from Toy Story 3.  Still he says it mostly at the right times, but maybe not the right context.  He said that when I bought him some more Toy Story "tummy tickler" juices.  He was STOKED and screamed that as we walked down the aisle at Wal-Mart.

We couldn't ask for a better kiddo and can't wait to see him continue to grow.  Mommy, Daddy and Brennan love you Ashton!


Anonymous said...

Happy 3 years, Ashton! I can't believe our babies are that old! What a smart, sweet, and fun little boy!

Lindsay said...

Precious! Great pictures. We are so blessed that little boy is Blake's friend.