Tuesday, February 15

Ashton {3rd Birthday Party}

This year, Ashton's party was a huge success!  I'm happy with how everything turned out, from the decor to the cupcakes and even the easy cleanup.  We had a couple of friends and, as usual, lots of family.  As you can see, Toy Story was the theme this year!  Thank you to Rachel for the awesome treat idea.  I did this for our take home treats, as well as for Ashton's Valentine's party yesterday.  It was a lifesaver, as I had everything but the popcorn at home.  We set up a kid's table in our formal living room and the kiddos had fun coloring Toy Story pictures, while Ashton opened his presents.  Also, another thank you to my sister, Kimberly, for taking the wonderful photos of everyone in action!  My sister also helped clean our house, top to bottom, so I wasn't stressed and our house was sparkly clean.  I owe you big, Aunt Timby!  I was adamant about not having a ton of items left over this year, as I have the previous two birthdays, so I budgeted carefully and didn't over do it.  We had one cupcake left to spare and just a few paper items.  The rest was all eaten or given away, thank goodness!  We are so blessed to have such loving family and sweet friends.  Ashton's Aunt Charolette came all the way from Shreveport to be there and celebrate with us (I guess we put up the camera by then, because I have NO pictures of you in them Charolette - I'm sorry!)  Thank you to everyone that came out to make Ashton's birthday special this year!  Thank you, also to the friends that came to celebrate the weekend before the party with us.  We love each and every one of you!


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Anonymous said...

Love the whole table decor! Cute cupcakes. Great job! Looks like everyone had fun!