Sunday, December 5

Green Means Go

A few weeks ago at a traffic light, I mentioned to Ashton that green means "go" and red means "stop.". Well, that stuck like a charm, so now at random stops in the car, Ashton will say, "Green means go...and red says stop...and yellow says slow down" (Dustin taught him yellow).

Of course we think its pretty darn cute, but we didn't realize how much he really understood it until this morning, on our way to visit Dustin's grandma who is not doing well. We were waiting on the person in front of us to turn right at a stop light. A little frustrated since it had been clear and the person hadn't turned, Dustin said, "Come on man, you can go; it's right on red..."

Ashton piped up and proclaimed with a giggle, "No, that's not says stop!" I wasn't sure I heard him correctly at first, but then was really impressed when I figured out what he said.

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