Monday, November 15

Brennan {Baby Showers}

We are blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.  Brennan was showered with love three separate times; twice before he was born and one after he graced us with his presence :)!

The first shower was a surprise shower given by the ladies at my workplace, the day before my last day of work.  It was such a nice surprise!  The lady that was taking my place asked me to help her with something on our Customer Service side, so of course, I wanted to help.  When she told me that really I needed to step in the kitchen for a minute, it was full of my friends and decorated with a cute cupcake cake in the shape of an umbrella, nuts, mints and punch.  I was so happy when I walked in and heard everyone say "Surprise!"  I wish I would've had my camera... all I have is a few blurry pictures taken with my camera phone, that I haven't uploaded just yet.  I'll add them later, I guess.

The second shower was given by our church members and it was a triple shower.  There were two other ladies that had already had their little girls, previously; one just two weeks prior!  It was so nice and intimate, but there was a huge spread of food; from fruit and veggie trays, to crackers, dips, cheeses and delicious fruit punch and coffee punch (my favorite!).  Brennan received many diapers and wipes (THANK YOU!) and some cute little clothes and toys also.  He also received some cute personalized burp clothes, onesies and wash cloths.  I forgot my camera for this one, so I also took a few pictures on my phone camera of the food, cake and decor.  I'll add them later, too :)!

The final shower, was held after he was born (not intentionally, haha!), since Brennan decided to come 5 weeks early!  The hostesses were my sister, mom, mother-in-law, and two sisters-in-law.  Also, at the last minute, since were hadn't moved into our new home in Frisco like we though we would, one of my good friends offered her house for the shower - whew!  I LOVE you ladies!!!  I was able to see some ladies that I hadn't seen in years; one of them I hadn't seen in at least 20 years!  Brennan got such cute things from everyone and Ashton also received some Big Brother gifts.  He was happy that he was able to play with his friends: Claire & Ryan, cousins: Brody, Paislee & Preslee and Hannah & Tally, who also attended the shower with their moms.  Somehow, Marsha eluded the camera and I had NO pictures of her :(!

Each shower was so nice and enjoyable!  I am very grateful for my loving family and caring, loyal friends.

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Mommy said...

Good pictures! Love you all and can't wait to see you soon at Thanksgiving and in your new house!