Friday, October 15

State Fair 2010

Last Wednesday, we were able to go to the State Fair with our friends and their two little ones.  The majority of the five hours we were there was spent at the petting zoo, the dog show and the Birds of the World show.  Oh... and WALKING, haha!  Surprisingly we just ate two things; I had biscuits and sausage gravy because I forgot to eat breakfast after taking my meds and rushing around the house and Dustin had a corny dog.  No fried FRITOS pie or fried grilled cheese for us.  Ashton was content on eating his shared crackers and peanut butter with his friend Claire.  He LOVED Big Tex and was upset when we left him.  He just called him "The Cowboy."  He had a great time at the petting zoo, feeding all of the willing animals and was pretty impressed with the dog show.  I think he had the most fun though, playing with Claire in the fountains set up in pretty garden area sponsored by Home Depot.

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