Wednesday, May 26

Frankfurt, Germany

Dustin, Ashton and I spent the last two weeks traveling around Germany with my Great Uncle, Joachim and his new wife, Sonja. We flew into Frankfurt on Mother's Day morning (May 9) and though we were VERY tired from the flight, we made a day of it in the city.

We met my Grandfather's brother Horst (he's 80 years old), he treated us to a traditional Frankfurt lunch (which to me did NOT look appetizing), but it was good if you like lots of meat. After lunch we walked all over the city and my uncle had a personal tour guide take us to a few interesting places as well.

Fun fact: Frankfurt is known as "Bankfurt" since it is the bank capital. They are on almost every street!

Here are a few pictures of our day. We actually spent that night a few minutes outside of Frankfurt, but we only got to spend the day there :(.

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