Wednesday, February 25


I apologize for the blog decor, as I know it is very hard, if impossible to see what I've written here! I was a bit over ambitious and thought that I would be able to dress up my blog as easily as one of my friends does all the time (you'll know who you are if you can read this - hahaha!) I will be updating this hopefully tonight, when I can make some more time to create my page.

I had the Campbell's Select Harvest: Potato Broccoli Cheese Soup today on my lunch break and was REALLY looking forward to it, but was quickly disappointed.

So, the soup was sub-par and not what I was expecting. The great seasoned smell was leaps and bounds better than the warmed product. After heating, the soup was a little bland, although the potatoes were very soft (that's about all it had going for it). Also, there were no chunks of broccoli like I thought it would have, just teeny small particles of what looks like broccoli, but might be confused with some of the spices.

I have a little after taste in my mouth that's a bit starchy (makes sense because of the potatoes). I would not recommend this soup, although it wasn't terrible and I did finish off the whole bowl due to starving hunger (haha), but it was what it was: subpar.

On a scale from 1 to 10 is is a 3.

Random, I know. But I thought I would share, ha!

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