Tuesday, November 13

I Can't Keep Up AND I'm Super Excited! (The two are not related, hahaha!)

Whew! It's been so long since I've posted anything. Today Dustin, Kimberly and I are going in for our 3D sonogram and will get to see what little Ashton looks like! We are so super excited and can't wait to show off our pictures ;).

Yesterday we were able to pre-register at the hospital and take a tour of the labor & delivery and recovery rooms, so that was neat and made it seem more "real"! We also updated the baby closet with new shelving units and such and were able to organize and rearrange. Dustin and I both had a ton of fun doing it.

The next step is finding a pediatrician that we both love (we have someone in mind already, but have a few questions) and then the Prepared Childbirth classes. We'll see how prepared we really are! Hahaha!

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Lena said...

That is exciting!! Yay! And thanks for the card, but don't think that's all little Ashton has coming for his crazy Latina Tia!